The city of Carrollton will require certain types of development to connect to the Carrollton GreenBelt.

City Attorney Chuck Conerly, during a special called meeting of the Carrollton City Council on Tuesday, presented the Unified Development Ordinance amendment 4.01.01(H) (“Standards for Lot Area, Width, Density and Lot Coverage”), section 4.02.01 (“Design Standards for Single-Family Dwellings and Townhouses”), and section 4.02.03 (“Design Standards for Multifamily Developments”).

“In talking to (city) staff, there is a recognition that we have invested a lot of money in the GreenBelt,” Conerly said. “There is recognition that in addition to the existing trail, the vision moving forward is that you have a lot of other parts of the city that are going to be connected to the trail through spurs.”

Conerly said the proposal was designed to look at higher density residential developments, specifically multi-family developments and townhomes.

The proposal would require those higher density developments that are within 1,000 feet of the GreenBelt to connect to the 18-mile trail that loops around the city. If the development is not within 1,000 feet of the

GreenBelt, the developer will commit to building out 1,000 feet of GreenBelt spur toward the nearest portion of the Greenbelt, with the city retaining the option to connect.

Conerly said this would apply to townhomes and multi-family developments.

“The theory being that those are residential developments and such densities that the economies of scale make it more powerful and it makes more sense for them to have that obligation to connect to the GreenBelt or at least get close to it,” Conerly said.

The new amendment requires developers to install playgrounds to specifications set forth by the city and approved by the Carrollton Parks and Recreation Department.

The amendment also requires the developments to have sidewalks within the development to interconnect the sidewalks outside the development.

The motion carried unanimously.


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