The new director of the West Georgia Regional Library System will take the lead in the building expansion at the Neva Lomason Memorial Library in Carrollton.

That expansion will include moving the WGRLS headquarters out of the library building and into a new facility that will be built with state funding.

Jessica Everingham will be “completely in charge” as of Friday, Interim Director Steve Schaefer said Tuesday. “I enjoyed my 90 days of experience here. It was an interesting challenge, several challenges, but we have accomplished as many as we possibly could.”

Schaefer took over when Roni Tewksbury resigned in August. He said he is sure that he is leaving the library system in good hands. Everingham accepted the position of director last month.

“On a personal note, I have also been particularly pleased working with the staff here as well as the managers, but particularly with Clint Chance who is the chair of the board,” Schaefer said. “I have worked with a lot of trustees and Clint is the best chairman I have ever worked for.”

The building committee for the renovation of the Carrollton’s Neva Lomason Memorial Library met Tuesday morning to discuss what would need to happen next.

The board approved a new design that will allow the library to utilize the entire building at 710 Rome St. for public use. Currently, there is about 10,000 square feet of the building that holds the offices of West Georgia Regional Library System.

With the new plan for renovations, there will be a smaller facility built to hold the library system headquarters. With the space left from the old offices of the WGRLS, Neva Lomason will be able to expand.

Chance said the expansion will be a very exciting development for Carrollton. He said the committee explored the possibility of utilizing the entire building for the public library early in the design stages but it chose to abandon that direction due to a lack in funds to finance both the public library renovation and the new WGRLS headquarters.

Over the last few months, the committee learned of additional state funding that will allow it to move the regional office out of the library. According to a press release from Chance, the division of the regional office from the public library will also allow for clearer financial reporting of the operating expenses of both facilities.

The committee wanted to take advantage of a fresh look at the Neva Lomason project thanks to the new state funding. Houser Walker Architecture will design the expansion of Neva Lomason.

Chance said that the relatively small delay has been well worth it considering the additional funding that has become available and creating a second facility without requiring any additional local tax dollars. 


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