The Technical College System of Georgia plans to build a new campus in Carroll County. The $4 million facility will either supplement or replace the current West Georgia Technical College campus.

The Technical College System said the building is essential due to the growth in the area. 

West Georgia Technical College is headquartered in Carroll County, and has other campuses in Coweta, Douglas, Haralson and Troup counties and class sites in Heard and Meriwether counties. It offers more than 120 associate degree, diploma and technical certificate programs of study. West Georgia Tech is the fourth largest of the state’s 22 technical colleges.

Carroll County Board of Commissioners Chairman Marty Smith said the expansion will also enhance the education collaborative and workforce development. With so many companies considering the region, he said, this will help students gain the skills they need to fill the jobs on a local level. With a trained workforce in place, Smith said companies are more likely to consider Carroll County over other areas.

Technical College System Communications Director Mark D’Alessio said the funding for the expansion will include some property acquisition, planning and design.

“We’re always excited when were able to provide more opportunities for students in the community, to come into our classrooms and get the skills that they need to find a job in the local workforce,” D’Alessio said. “It’s why we’re here. We’re always excited about looking for new opportunities and expanding.”

Sarah Honeywell, TCSG Senior Executive Director of Facilities Management, said the project could begin as early as this fall.

“Carroll County has committed to donate the property to the state,” Honeywell said. “I know they have one tract of land that they have identified that is already owned by Carroll County and then there was discussion about a second tract of land. … That would be something that would potentially could happen as early as the fall and then we would work on closing that.”

Property acquisition for the Technical College System of Georgia is handled through the State Properties Commission.

Honeywell said the TCSG will be involved in the evaluation process.

“This would be with the tract of land, how large it might be and we would certainly like to be able to do that but we would work with Carroll County on that,” she said. “By fall of 2018 we would be looking to hire a development professional and finalize the land acquisition.”

She said there are no plans at this time to include dormitories.


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