A Carroll County Schools administrator declined to comment Thursday night about a gun he left in a school system vehicle in 2014.

A Bowdon family had hoped the Board of Education, during its meeting last night, would reconsider its decision to expel their son — a high school senior — after five cans of unopened beer were found during a search of his car on school grounds. But the family did not attend Thursday night’s meeting and the issue was not addressed.

Assistant Superintendent Terry Jones became involved in the controversy when school board member Bart Cater on Monday criticized the board for having a “double standard.” Cater cited an incident in which a handgun was found in a school system vehicle that had been driven by Jones. A Carroll County Sheriff’s office incident report states that Jones had unknowingly left his Taurus .40 caliber pistol in a Carroll County Schools vehicle.

The school board, Cater said, declined to take any action against Jones.

According to the Board of Education policy code JCDA, a student shall not possess, use, handle or transmit any object that reasonably can be considered a weapon on property or in a building owned or leased by a school district, at a school function, or on a bus or other transportation provided by the school district.

The JCDA code says that having a gun on school property is a level-3 offense with the penalty, for a student, being long-term suspension or expulsion. The code, however, does not address the penalties given to an educator or board member.

An Educator Ethics Knowledge quiz, provided by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission website, asks a question regarding an educator who brings a gun on campus. The answer, according to the website, is that it violates a code of ethics.


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