A  library support group has more than 22,000 books for sale at Harvey’s House of Books — books that when purchased help support the Whitesburg library.

“It makes a difference to people who know that when they buy a book from Harvey’s, the money is actually given to the library,” said Jackie Pate of the Friends of the Whitesburg Public Library. “All of these books are donated, so people who buy the books know that we did not have to purchase them and resell them for a higher price to help the library. Our prices are low because we want to attract customers to Whitesburg.”

The Friends of the Whitesburg Public Library formed in order to support the library, and has raised $150,000 through grants, book sales and donations to supplement the $100,000 from SPLOST funds the city provided to the library.

“Since we have opened in March of 2008, the Friends have provided $68,000 in support of the library,” said Pate.

From that pot, $26,393 has been used to purchase new books, $5,662 for summer reading, Christmas and other special programs, $10,900 for bonuses paid to library and support staff and $25,900 for events, repairs, equipment, supplies and cleaning for the library.

“When the library needed children’s books, were able to apply for grants,” Pate said. “We were awarded more than $44,000 to give to the library so that they could purchase children’s books.”

“There are 30 of us and we all are given a task to focus on,” said Friends of the Library volunteer Margery Bouris. 

A display is placed in the store that gives a history lesson to those who stop buy and visit.

Harvey’s House is named in honor of Harvey Toub who died from cancer in 2010. The Carroll County Board of Education donated the trailer to sell the books from.

“But it cost a lot of money to move it,” Pate said. “So our beloved Harvey said that whatever money we could raise in two weeks, he would match it. We raised $2,000 and he donated $4,444, but sadly he died before the store opened so we dedicated the name to him.”

Harvey’s House sells more than just books. Children’s videos, magazines, CD audio books, DVD’s, movies, games, sheet music, music books, CDs and hymnals can also be purchased at the store.

“Right now we are having a holiday sale on Christmas hardback books, which are a dollar,” Pate said. Paperback books are 50 cents and small paperback books are 25 cents.

When Harvey’s receives too many donated books it does not have room for, those books are then donated to hospitals, women’s shelters, the Carroll County Jail and Carroll County Prison and nursing homes.

“We also will take the extra books to the Neva Lomason so we don’t only help our own community,” Pate said. “We see that it is important to give to each other and help each other. If we have too many books than we can hold onto, then we feel that it is necessary to give them to those who could read.”


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