The Carroll County Veterans Memorial Park Association is ending 2017 with multiple donations that will help support upcoming projects. The association on Monday recognized several individuals and organizations for their contributions.

One of those was Drake Pauley, a Carrollton High student, who for his Eagle Scout project raised nearly $4,000 to create a new monument at the park to honor those killed or missing in action. The marble table with a tilted chair and table set for a meal will serve to remember the soldiers whose places at their family’s tables will forever remain empty.

After several rounds of meeting with the association and the park landscape architect, Pauley was able to raise more than he needed for the project to be built. Excess funds will go toward other needs of the park.

“The power company’s round-up program gave us a grant for $3,000,” said association President Donald Levans, referring to Carroll EMC, “and The Foundation of West Georgia gave us a grant for $3,500 but this young man has raised over $3,000 on his own toward this MIA/KIA project,” Levans said.

“The Scouts will do some work on it in preparing and digging and putting the foundation for this, the granite and the marble is already on order and by Memorial Day 2018 we will have this new feature ready for the park.”

During the meeting, which was held at the Brookdale Senior Living center, officers had the opportunity to provide various updates with their committees. It was also noted that some of the marble walls at Veterans Memorial Park were going to have the names the 22 Carroll County men lost in World War I, 85 lost in World War II, 10 in Korea, 14 in Vietnam and five in the Gulf Wars.

“We want people to remember to take a moment in those very specials spot to pay homage to those who gave so that we may live in freedom,” Levans said. “You see, people go into our park and walk by those black walls and never look at them. What we’re striving to do with this and the MIA is call attention to stop for a moment and understand what to do. For me and my Southern heritage, it means a lot to call attention to more men dying during the Civil War than all wars since. For whatever cause or whatever, they had no choice. So I think this draws attention to that and I think this will be a meaningful thing for our park.”

Levans thanked Carroll County Sheriff Terry Langley and the deputies who have contributed to several projects over the year. Most recently, they participated in a No Shave November campaign in which they contributed $50 and were allowed to grow a beard. They raised about $3,000 total and donated to multiple groups.

“What a wonderful county we live in what a wonderful place when we have a sheriff like Terry Langley and a county commission chairman like Marty Smith because they help us beyond belief,” said Levans. “They continuously support and donate to us and we are very fortunate for that.”

Langley said that it was a “no-brainer” for the sheriff’s office to participate, noting that they were thankful for the service and sacrifices made by the veterans.

“Let me just say that on behalf of the deputies, we have to congratulate all of you because you have the best park out there,” Langley said. “I don’t know of anywhere that has a better park than here. I know it’s a lot of work and commitment out of many of you. We thank you for your service and we were able to raise about $3,000 and we had about 60 deputies participate. So if you see them looking rough it’s because they’re in this and we gave it to about four different veterans organizations. We’re proud to be a partner with you all.”

Also Monday night, Charles Griffin and Will Smith were thanked as outgoing directors. The association members nominated and re-elected officers to serve for the 2018 year.



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