A Villa Rica brother and sister never expected the silent video of their dance to take the internet by storm — but it did, and has now been shared millions of times across the globe.

And it all started with some friendly, sibling competition.

Francklef Dominique Lambert, 19, and his sister, 24-year-old Yve Alexandre, said they had come home from work earlier this month and decided to have a dance-off, which is a competition to decide who the better dancer is, in their family’s kitchen. Lambert stopped and said they should record their match.

“To be honest, we always do something like this (dance off), but we just happened to video it this time,” Lambert said. “We posted it on Snapchat and our friends laughed. But I was bored and decided to post it on Twitter and then it blew up.”

Lambert originally posted the video on Twitter on Jan. 17. and within a few hours his phone began to malfunction and freeze because he was receiving so many notification messages. The video had reached over 3.4 millions views since Tuesday.

“We are actually dancers,” Alexandre said. “We both dance to hip hop and I will dance from lyrical to jazz, but I am also a Zumba instructor. But this dance was just for fun, and it seemed like others found it fun to share because thousands of people have viewed the video.”

Lambert and Alexandre graduated from Villa Rica High School and now work together at the Sunbrook Academy.

Lambert is attending the University of West Georgia, but hopes to one day be an actor. Alexandre, who graduated from Georgia State University, hopes to pursue a master’s degree in education while working at American Fitness Company as the dance coach and Zumba Instructor.

The siblings’ friends have been supportive of the spotlight they have shared. One of Alexander’s friends even gave a cake to Alexandre to congratulate her for her internet success.

“Many people see negative things on the internet, but this was something happy and for that we are blessed,” Lambert said.

Once the Twitter video reached 10,000 likes, Alexandre decided to post it to Facebook — and then the views and likes began to soar.

“I was actually really happy, because many comments on the video said that they were going to remake the video,” Lambert said. “It seems to still be spreading because we are continuing to get notifications.”

Lambert and Alexandre said they are humbled by the positive feedback they have received from the posted video.

“We get along pretty well, but just like any siblings, we have our moments,” Alexandre said. “But when we are close, we are very close, and you can see that in the video.”

Lambert and Alexandre agreed to a second dance-off video for the Times-Georgian and even with no preparation,they coordinated another performance that was both flawless and funny.

“It is almost scary to me how coordinated our dance moves look,” Lambert said. “It is like we have twin powers or something because we look in sync.” 


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