A Villa Rica man barricaded himself into a hotel room Wednesday, said he would not be taken by police and that “bullets would be flying.”

Villa Rica police said Travis Paige, 35, appeared to be hallucinating on drugs when he arrested. He was charged with terroristic threats and acts, willful obstruction of a law enforcement officer and second degree in criminal damage to property.

Police received a call from the Comfort Inn about a man barricading himself in a room with a gun, but he exited the hotel before they arrived. When they arrived, officers said Paige seemed to be paranoid, belligerent and could not stand still. He admitted taking methamphetamine and said people were after him and that metal around him was hurting his body, police said.

After Paige was arrested, police went to Paige’s room and found a bed mattress blocking the window and another bed mattress blocking the entrance to the door. Pictures off the wall and tape covered parts of the television and the camera area of a cellphone. Police found drug paraphernalia on a nightstand, and a l table, picture frames and lamp were broken. Police found an airsoft pistol in the bathroom sink.

An employee told police that Paige entered the Comfort Inn lobby Wednesday morning. After two hours of Paige checking in, police said, he returned to the lobby and said the television was not working. He later returned to the lobby saying that he had locked himself out of his room.

According to the police report, Paige had no identification, so two employees followed Paige to the room. The employees could not open the door the entire way because of furniture that had been placed in front of the door. Paige told the employees that if anyone came into his room, “there will be bullets flying.” The employees then called 911 and advised that damages to the room was greater than $500.

Witnesses told police that Paige screamed “You have no right, I’m barricading myself in the room but I’ll fix it.” According to police, one of the employees said she felt threatened by Paige and believed that he was going to hit her.

Police said they took Paige to Tanner Medical Center for a medical evaluation and once there, he continued to act paranoid, belligerent and would not listen to commands from the nurses or officers. Paige refused to allow medical staff to evaluate his condition and had to be restrained. While being restrained, Paige became violent, according to police, and kicked one officer in the mouth.

Villa Rica Police Capt. Keith Shaddix said that users of methamphetamines can have the side-effect of hallucinating, can become violent and cause harm. Paige then kicked two officers, one in the forehead and another in the jaw. Paige was sedated and once medically cleared by hospital staff he was taken to the Carroll County Jail with no set bond.


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