Construction of a new crosswalk on Central High Road began this week, and is expected to take about four weeks to finish, depending on the weather.

The need for the crosswalk surfaced in September after a student at Central High School was struck by a vehicle while crossing the road.

The student was walking from the Chick-fil-A and heading to the high school when she was hit. The student was flown to a hospital but police reported later that the student was in stable condition.

“This is absolutely a much-needed crosswalk,” said Carroll County Public Works Superintendent Charles Pope. “There are students from the high school that walk that way and cross to Kroger and Chick-fil-A. Pedestrians, besides students, walk in that area too so it can be dangerous.”

Pope said crews will first be extending the storm sewer pipe that needed replacing. Once the pipes are installed, construction will then begin on new curbing gutter.

“The city of Carrollton is in with us on this and they have ordered the signal for the crosswalk,” Pope said. “The total estimated cost of this project is around $75,000. We are hoping that, with weather permitting, we can be done in four weeks.”

Pope said that once the sidewalks are poured, they will then add the sidewalk extensions and install the signals on Central High Road.

“We are fortunate in Carroll County to have this partnership with the city, with individuals who care for and look out for the safety of others,” said Carroll County School System Superintendent Scott Cowart. “Given the distance that the crosswalk will be from the school, this will help ensure safety for our students who walk to and from school.”


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