Following three seasons as an understudy, Anthony Angle is getting his shot at running the show.

The first-year Haralson County High School boys' head basketball coach took over the top spot this past offseason and is moving full-steam ahead through the early portions 2017-18 campaign.

"It's been a smooth transition. I've got a lot of guys who are backing me up. The administration's been great, the athletic director (Lisa Warren) has been great helping me with whatever I need help with," Angle said.

As to be expected when taking over a new gig and with only a few returning starters at his disposal, there's been some up and downs early in the season, but Angle said the No. 1 priority right now is to continue to get better each and every time they hit the court.

"I talk to the kids all the time about it being a roller-coaster ride. A lot of games we play, we get too high and then sometimes when we got down a few points we get too low," Angle said. "You've got to be more even-keel and just play."

Haralson has four seniors on its roster, including three with key playing experience in Enoch Rinehart, Nijah Smith and Dalton King, while some other key contributors include younger talents such as Bryson King, Deangelo McFarling, Jeremiah McFarling, Cayden Robinson and Johnathon Housen.

Housen presents a double-double threat in the post with his size and athleticism, and Angle said he has the chance to be a game-changer if he can put it all together.

"He's still raw. We're still working on him, but he's got the potential to be a good player if he can be smart with the basketball," Angle said.

The Rebels have already played a few Region 6-AAA contests and Angle expects it to be a fierce battle for the top four spots once again this winter.

"None of those games in the region are just going to be handed to you," Angle said. "We're going to have to go and work and battle and we'll see how it works out."

But before returning to 6-AAA action, the Rebels are looking forward to their signature winter showcase, serving host to the 42nd Annual Hilburn-Patterson Haralson County Invitational on Wednesday through Friday.

HC opens against Pepperell on Wednesday night at 8 with the winner advancing to Friday's championship game at 8 p.m. in the five-team bracket.

"Every year it's a special thing for having that tournament at our place. The kids are fired up about it. They're ready to get that thing started," Angle said. "It's the longest-running tournament in Georgia, which is a special thing. I don't know if the guys realize it now, but when they get older, they'll realize how special it was to play in it."

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