Javen Sheppard started all 10 games for the Haralson County High School football team last year as a freshman.

And while that gives the athletic play-maker an extra boost of experience heading into his sophomore season, he'll do so from a different perspective upon transitioning from wide receiver to quarterback this fall.

So far, it's been a positive position change for the new Rebel signal-caller, and second-year head coach Scott Peavey is also confident about the move.

"Javen has done a great job of being a leader," Peavey said. "The good thing about Javen is he was our backup quarterback last year, but he started at 'Z.' So he didn't get many reps at quarterback, but he was a starter for us. So the game's not quite as fast for him right now."

Sheppard is actually one of four options at quarterback for the Rebels in 2018 with incoming freshman talent Clay Hyatt coming off a tremendous run at the middle school level, while Chris Chandler served as the JV quarterback last year and Tyler Holcomb also made a position move in order to provide more depth under center.

"I've got four of them, which is good. Last year if our quarterback got hurt, we were way down the line," Peavey said. "Things are better there, for sure."

Hyatt has been battling through a back injury for the better part of the summer, putting the majority of the reps on Sheppard, who has been more than up to the task.

"I got more confidence throwing the ball now. When we go to camps and stuff, I've felt much better and much more comfortable," Sheppard said. "The more reps, the better I get. It's been fun."

Already having an understanding of the ins and outs of the offense in Year 2 of the system has also proven beneficial for the underclassman.

"It's helped a lot because I know all the formations and stuff, what's expected and how we run our offense," Sheppard said.

Along with what he brings to the field athletically, Peavey also believes Sheppard's demeanor will help him be a successful signal-caller this fall.

"I think as a quarterback, you can never get too high and you can never get too low," Peavey said. "There's going to be times that he's going to throw an interception and he's got to handle it and come back and make the next play. He can't live in what happened a minute ago. He's got to live in the next play. I think he'll do a good job of that."

Sheppard's sophomore season will be special for multiple reasons. Along with taking over at quarterback, this will also be the final time he'll get to suit up with his older brother, Treylon, who is a four-year starter and leader of the team at tailback/defensive back.

"It's going to be good. We'll both be in the backfield together. We're going to have great chemistry, so it'll be fun," Sheppard said.

As the younger Sheppard settles in for the second season of his high school career, he's looking to help lead the Haralson program to new heights in 2018.

"I'm just looking forward to playing and being on the field every Friday night," Sheppard said. "There's no feeling like that rush you get before a game."

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