The University of West Georgia football program unveiled its recruiting class on Wednesday for National Signing Day 2018.

Second-year head coach David Dean landed just over 30 recruits for the annual signing day extravaganza, and he was pleased with the results from the new talent coming on board.

“We’re excited about this group of young men who have chosen to be a part of our program,” Dean said. “It’s also a great tribute to our staff and hours they have put into completing the work to complete this recruiting class.”

UWG’s signing class consists almost exclusively of players from Georgia high school programs. Of the first 31 names announced by Dean, three were mid-year transfers, including two from Georgia. The other 28 were all high school players from Georgia.

Many of the newcomers come to UWG from the state’s most successful programs. “Seven of our signees won state championships this past season,” Dean said. “Three more of them played for a championship and many others are from programs that made deep runs in the playoffs.”

UWG added five top offensive line prospects, concentrating heavily on the skill positions, adding numbers in the secondary, wide receiver and at running back. The common denominator of this group of recruits is speed.

“I have said for years that you either have speed or you’re chasing it. I want to have it," Dean said.

Though the Wolves announced more than 30 recruits on Wednesday, Dean said that a few more might be added to the list before UWG’s signing class is complete.

The next item on Dean’s agenda is completing the work on filling vacancies on his coaching staff, and then it’s on to spring practice. UWG begins spring drills later this month, culminating with the spring game on March 15.

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