Special Photo/Dietmar Reker Kehri Jones, left, and Douglasville native Elana Meyers Taylor captured a bobsledding championship recently.

There seems no slowing down for Elana Meyers Taylor.

The Douglasville native was recently announced as a team winner, along with Kehri Jones for the Best of February honors for the Team USA Awards. In addition the bobsled teammates captured a world championship.

Meyers Taylor drove to her fourth and fifth consecutive gold medals in February, the final of which was her second world championship title in Germany. It was her second career title, and earlier in the month she won the world cup race in Austria.

“It’s been a real good season for me,” Meyers Taylor said via phone from South Korea. “It was good getting my feet back under me and training and competing.”

It didn’t start good for Meyers Taylor and her teammate as they sustained a crash in their first race. However, they were able to rebound and go on to success.

Meyers Taylor crashed the sled during their first run, with the impact causing Jones to eject out of the back and slide along the chute before coming to a stop. However, both were able to walk away from the incident.

They had the fastest women’s start time ever recorded on the 2010 Olympic track.

“It had been a while since our last race and we were going real fast,” Meyers said. “I made mistakes and it cost us.”

But they were able to put it behind them to finish with a successful season.

“It felt good to bounce back and get the wins,” Meyers Taylor said. “We put in a lot of work and worked on the driving skills.”

All this in preparation for the 2018 Winter Games in South Korea. Meyers Taylor said she doesn’t foresee retirement in her near future.

“I’m going to do this as long as I can,” she said. “I’ve had jobs in the so-called real world, and I don’t want to go back to that anytime soon. I going to do this as long as I can slide down that chute.”

The two-time Olympian is looking forward to returning to American soil in a few weeks and coming back to Douglasville.

“I’m crazy homesick right now,” Meyers Taylor said. “I understand being an elite athlete that you have to make those sacrifices to wear that American uniform. You make those decisions to represent your country and yourself. It is quite an honor.”

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