Derrck Mahone/Douglas County Sentinel Chapel Hill coach Justin DeShon says his team will put in a lot of work the next two days to get ready for Friday's home game against Whitewater.

It will almost be like cramming for a final exam for county teams this week.

With school having been cancelled on Monday and Tuesday because of Hurricane Irma, teams have been unable to practice.

Coaches have been altering their practice schedules to go over game plans for upcoming games with only two days to prepare.

“We are going to treat our Thursday like a Wednesday,” said Douglas County coach Johnny White, whose team plays South Paulding on Friday.

“We will be working to get ready for the game. I think we will be in good shape mentally but we have to work on the endurance. We will be doing a lot of running.”

Practices might be cut short on today as several middle school games will be played.

To make up for the loss time, Chapel Hill will hold a walk-through practice session this morning before school. The team will hold a second practice before Chapel Hill Middle and Stewart use the field for a game.

“We are hitting the field running on Wednesday,” Chapel Hill coach Justin DeShon said. “We are going to do some things to offset what we would have done Monday and Tuesday as far as prep work. It is going to be a fast three days for us. I think our kids strive in these type situations.”

Chapel Hill senior Tyre Shelton agreed.

“Practice is very big these next two days,” Shelton said. “We have to come in focused and ready to go.”

Because of technology, coaches were able to get their game plans to players through their Hudl system. Players can receive game notes and watch film on opponents.

Coaches can also mentor to see if the players have used it.

“It is a very big part of your preparation,” New Manchester coach Myron Terry said. “Hudl is a wonderful tool especially in this type of situation.”

Coming off a 23-0 win over Creekside, New Manchester takes on No. 4 Mays, the defending region champion, on Friday at Lakewood Stadium in Atlanta.

“We are playing one of the toughest teams in Class 6A,” Terry said. “It is tough enough preparing for them in a week, but a couple days is extremely tough. Hey, we are all in the same situation. Right now, we are hoping to ride that confidence from Friday’s win into this game.”

After two days of sitting at home, players say they are ready to return to practice.

“We are definitely anxious,” Douglas County linebacker Braelen Oliver said. “We have to make the most of the next two days to get ready.”

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