Special Photo/Carolina Panthers Lithia Springs shortstop Ira Dorin signs his letter-of-intent to NCAA Div. II Pfeiffer University in North Carolina.

Ira Dorin was getting a little worried about college baseball future when wasn’t getting any offers.

But that all changed when he had some strong performances during some elite baseball tournaments.

The Lithia Springs shortstop drew interest from both North Carolina A&T, a Div. I school and Div. II Pfeiffer University in North Carolina.

Dorin decided to sign with Pfeiffer earlier this week to secure his future plans.

“It feels good to get this behind me,” Dorin said. “I had been anticipating getting this over with. I found a good college fit for me and they offered to let me play baseball. Pfeitter had my major and everything to work out well.”

Both North Carolina A&T and Pfeitter saw Dorin perform at some showcase tournaments. He said he received the most interest from Pfeitter while North Carolina A&T was more like a wait-and-see situation.

“They treated me like family,” Dorin said.

Dorin is a three-year starter for the Lions.

Lithia Springs coach John Fulkerson said he believes his senior infielder will develop into a solid coach player.

“Ira is a good player and solid on the field and in the school,” Fulkerson said. “His hitting has gotten better and he has a good concept of the game. He makes real good contact with the ball.”

Last season, Fulkerson and his staff made a surprising discovery about Dorin. He turned about to be solid on the mound, and the Lions will use him some this season.

“He will see some time in relief for us,” Fulkerson said. “Ira is a tremendous asset to not only our team but to the school. He is one of our leaders and there is not a teacher at Lithia Springs that doesn’t want him in their class. I think he will adjust to the college game and make big contributions on the next level.”

Last season, the Lions struggled in winning only four games, but Dorin hit .385 and was named honorable mention all-county.

“We are working as a team and have a chance to do something special,” Dorin said. “I really don’t feel any pressure because I know I have to be a leader on the team. If there is any pressure, it will come from with in me. I just have to be a leader on this team, and help us win more games.”

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