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The 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympic Games planted the seed in Elana Meyers Taylor’s mind that she could be an Olympian.

After attending the historic games near her hometown of Douglasville, Meyers Taylor set out to chase her Olympic dreams.

She switched from softball, where she earned a scholarship to George Washington University, to bobsled.

She went from swinging a bat to piloting a bobsled down an icy slope.

And the transformation was a huge success.

Meyers Taylor has competed in the last three Winter Games, and has brought home a medal each time.

Last month, she won her second Olympian bronze medal at the PyeongChang 2018 Games in South Korean.

On Monday, the state of Georgia showed its appreciation for the most decorated U.S. bobsledder.

She received a big hometown welcome at Arbor Place Mall.

“For a little girl from Georgia, Douglasville to be pushing a bobsled to have a reception like this is pretty amazing,” Meyers Taylor said.

Georgia governor Nathan Deal attended a pre-ceremony press conference to congratulate Meyers Taylor on her latest accomplishment.

“When you would come on TV, we were all very excited to say she is from Georgia,” Deal said.

Meyers Taylor even took the opportunity to encourage future expiring Olympians.

“If you want to do it, I say go for it,” she said. “Dreams, no matter what, can come true. Nobody expected a girl from Georgia to be a bobsledder. You just have to believe in yourself.”

Even Deal said he was astound that a Georgia has done while in a sport that is contested on ice.

“We really don’t have that much ice here in Georgia,” Deal joked in reference to the 2014 ice storm that paralyzed the metro Atlanta area.

But Meyers Taylor chased her Olympic dreams and succeeded.

“Seeing the opening ceremonies in Atlanta let me know that my dream could become a reality,” Meyers Taylor said. “It made it real. I feel I can be competitive another four more years. How cold would it be in 2022 to have an all-Georgia bobsled team.”

And Meyers Taylor will do all she can to make it happen.

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