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Special Photo/Reggie Davis Alexander senior quarterback Mason Wood passed for 2,283 yards and 20 touchdowns with a 60 percent competition percentage.

Mason Wood learned a lot about himself and his Alexander team in a playoff defeat at Harrison.

Down 17 points in the final quarter on the road in the first round of the playoffs, Wood helped rally the Cougars to a lead. However, Harrison put together a game-winning drive to advance.

But Wood calls that the most rememberable game of the season for him, which was filled with several highlights.

“We didn’t give up,” Wood said. “I like the fact we fought to the end.”

It is something that Alexander coach Matt Combs liked about the two-year starter.

“There is no one as competitive as Mason Wood,” Combs said. “He enjoyed the adrenaline rush of the game.”

Here is a closer look at Wood, who is the Douglas County Sentinel Offensive Player of the Year:

Why Wood: In helping the Cougars to the state playoffs, the quarterback completed 60 percent of his passes for 2,283 yards and 20 touchdowns with only five interceptions. He ran for 3145 yards and eight touchdowns on 86 carries.

Who else was considered?: Douglas County running back Uriah West.

Favorite aspect of competing?: “I like to win. My favorite part is testing yourself against other people with the same skill level. I like the competition and the ability to battle it out.”

Most challenging part of being a quarterback?: “It is probably knowing where everybody is one the field at all times. You have to know where you players or and where the defensive players are going to be. As you get more experience, the flow of the game slows down a bunch.”

Who is your inspiration?: “My dad, Kenneth Wood. Growing up, he taught me to never give up. He told me to always put in two times the work. He taught me about hard work and how it will always pay off in the end. I love him to death, and I couldn’t have asked for a better dad.”

What was the most challenging part of the season?: “The biggest thing was getting the younger and newer players on board with what we were doing. It was a challenge to get them to see things like we wanted it to be. We had to get them up to the speed of playing varsity football.”

How did you improve this season?: “I think in the leadership department because I was a senior. It wasn’t more so from a stats standpoint, but I had to be the leader of the team. We had to get the whole team to believe in the same mindset. Being the quarterback, I had to be the leader.”

When did you realize you would have a good season?: “From the start of the season, I had to prove that my junior year wasn’t a fluke. I felt I had some good numbers and tried to lead this team. We might not have had the same record, but I think we never quit.”

What could you have done better?: “Being a little more vocal. In some cases I just assumed that because I was doing it that the rest would do it also. I had to not only show but had to tell in some cases.”

Best player you played against?: “Quindarious Monday of Carver. He is long and he is fast. He knows the game well. He makes up a lot of ground fast. He is the first player that I threw a pick against this season.”

What coach Matt Combs says: “First and foremost his preparation of the game was excellent. No one watched more film than he did. True preparation for him occurred when no one was watching. He is smart and he is a competitor.”

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