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Derrck Mahone/Douglas County Sentinel Former Lithia Springs standout Tre Bussey had a solid season playing basketball overseas near Greece.

After facing some of the stiffest competition of his young pro career, Tre Bussey could be ready for the next step.

The former Lithia Springs High standout helped lead his Cyrus team into the postseason. It was the second season that Bussey has played professional basketball overseas.

“The competition this time was much tougher,” said Bussey, who returned home to Douglasville a few weeks ago. “It is one of the top European leaves in the world. I definitely learned a lot.”

In the process, Bussey averaged 15 points, 4.6assists and four rebounds per game. He played high school basketball for current Alexander coach Jason Slate.

A former standout at Georgia Southern, Bussey was one of the top assists leaders in the league. He was fourth in the league in assist and shot an impressive 40.3 percent from 3-point range.

In February, he was received the Eurobasket.com Player of the Week award. He had a 21 points and 11 rebounds in a win for his team.

“I think I played really well,” Bussey said. “I really tried to showcase my talent. It is the best season that I’ve had in my pro career.”

The only drawback for Bussey is being far away from family from September until the season ended in April.

“I really don’t like that part,” he said. “It is definitely a sacrifice that you have to make. It was part of the process of trying to reach my goal and dream.”

And that dream is to play in the NBA.

The 6-foot-3 point guard went undrafted in the 2014 NBA Draft, but in November of that year was selected by the Idaho Stampede with the seventh overall pick in the NBA Development League Draft.

He had a solid season in the D-League and opted to sign with Bashkimi in 2015.

“Playing in the D-League really helped me understand the pro game,” Bussey said. “I’m trying to take that knowledge and experience to play in the NBA.”

He said he has gotten interest from a few NBA teams. He said that Atlanta Hawks guard Malcomn Delaney has given him motivation and inspiration to continue his dream at the age of 25.

Delaney went undrafted out of Virginia Tech in 2011 and played four years overseas before finally signing with the Hawks last July.

“It can definitely happen,” Bussey said. “You sometimes have to take an alternate route. I’m going to keep pushing.”

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