Westside Home Builders Association recently announced that on Dec. 17, 2021, Douglas County Builder/Developer, Larry Buford Boggs was the first recipient and Inductee into the Westside Home Builders Hall Of Fame.

Let it also be known that a Resolution by Representatives Collins of the 68th, Ralson of the 7th, and Jones of the 47th was read and adopted into the House of Representatives on Nov. 22, 2021.

Said Resolution commends Boggs for successfully building over 3,000 homes and generating over $750 million in sales which has contributed greatly to the infrastructure and economic development of the region.

This HOF Award is a Lifetime Achievement Award presented to those individuals who have not only contributed their talent, experience, and leaderships skills to the WHBA but who have also been benefactors to the growth and prosperity of the communities in which they have lived, created their business, and raised their families.

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