Chapel Hill students learn about skilled trades from former HGTV host

A Chapel Hill Elementary School third-grader works on a project while learning about skilled trades from former HGTV host Kayleen McCabe.

Chapel Hill Elementary third grade students experienced a unique hands-on virtual Career / STEAM event earlier this month.

Former HGTV host Kayleen McCabe presented a live virtual workshop to teach CHES students about the skilled trades.

She took them step by step on how to build kits that were donated by Home Depot and sponsored by the Construction Education Foundation of Georgia (CEFGA).

The students had a blast and were very inquisitive about McCabe’s experience in the skilled trades.

One class asked if she ever makes houses alone. McCabe replied, “No, I don’t actually, because to build a house from scratch, it takes 27 different trades. Someone who is in a trade is somebody who works in a specific field, like an electrician, a plumber, a drywaller, or someone who sets doors. We can have crews up to 20. It’s a fun team activity building a house. You have a lot of friends.”