Special to the Sentinel

Chapel Hill Elementary Principal K’Asha Davis recently praised Derrick Outley, the school resource officer (SRO) at the school, for his work with teachers and students.

Davis said he has collaborated with Tracy Small, guidance counselor at CHES, to support the lesson “Skills Needed for Educational Achievement/Expected vs Unexpected Behaviors.”

The overall theme for the lesson is, “rules are there to help, not hurt” and “rules are there to keep you safe.”

Small and Outley used toy cars in their lesson to talk about what happens if the rules are not followed at a stop light, and even if rules are not followed when making brownie mix.

Davis has also partnered with Outley to “create a community of positivity.”

Outley serves as a positive reinforcer to the Golden Ticket Initiative. Each day, homeroom teachers select one student who has followed the CHES Standards of Conduct to receive the Golden Ticket.

At the end of the week, one student from each grade level is selected to Hang Out with Outley.

Davis said, “Officer Outley is a building celebrity! I wanted to create a way to acknowledge our Chapel Hill Cheetahs, who Officer Outley says ‘don’t mind being kind’ and who ‘choose to follow the rules!’ Golden Ticket winners have the opportunity to spend a few extra moments with Officer Outley. Hanging out with Officer Outley reinforces the CHES Standards of Conduct and also cultivates building relationships with our School Resource Officer.”

Outley can also be found partnering with the Media Specialist, Cameron Sheldon, and has his own book recommendation and his very own bookmark.

“Chapel Hill Elementary is lucky to have a partner in Officer Outley to keep our schools safe and be a positive influence for our students,” Davis said.