The Apple Truck stopping in Douglasville on Sunday

The Apple Truck will be at the Tractor Supply on Fairburn Road from 9-10:30 a.m. on Sunday, Oct. 17.

The Apple Truck, a Michigan-based “rolling” apple truck that delivers fresh, hand-picked Michigan apples to southern states, will be in Douglasville on Sunday.

The Douglasville stop is part of a tour through the American South that includes Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Florida and South Carolina, featuring 90 stops throughout the Fall 2021 Tour. Many people who have moved south will be reminded of home when they bite into fresh McIntosh and Honeycrisp apples.

The Apple Truck will be at Tractor Supply at 2661 Fairburn Road in Douglasville from 9-10:30 a.m. on Sunday.

“We understand the joy that comes from biting into a truly fresh apple,” said MariAnn and Dale Apley, founders of The Apple Truck. “With our apples, they are picked and delivered to you within a few days, ready to eat, juicy and delicious.”

In most of the country, apples are delivered weeks after being picked, according to a press release from The Apple Truck. The Apple Truck delivers apples within hours of being picked. Their Michigan apples are grown in a perfect environment, with fresh water from the great lakes and cold Michigan winters to ensure sweet and tasty fruit.

The Apple Truck provides southern states fresh, non-GMO apples that are grown on family-owned and operated farms.

“Our partners use sustainable farming practices. They’re certified for taking the highest level of care of both the land and the apples grown on it. In our view, there’s no question you can taste the difference between an apple grown with care and one grown without,” said Dale Apley. The Apple Truck’s apples are delivered directly after being picked from Michigan apple trees, providing a crunchy freshness in every bite.

Depending on the crop and timing, each box may include two of the following varieties of apples: Paula Red, McIntosh, Honeycrisp, Jonathan, Jonagold, Rome, Ida Red and Braeburn.

The Apple Truck offers the following items available for preorder:

• 20-pound box of Michigan apples — $45

• ½ gallon of Honeycrisp Apple Cider — $7

The Special, which is two boxes of apples and two ½ gallons of cider for $100

For The Apple Truck’s convenience, it is encouraged to preorder the apples through The Apple Truck’s official website, Orders will close once they are sold out.

About The Apple Truck

MariAnn and Dale Apley are sixth-generation Michiganders who grew up enjoying fresh-picked Michigan apples. With a name like Apley, it only makes sense that the Apley family gravitated to the apple business. Now they want to bring the joy and excitement of biting into a fresh Michigan apple south with their Ann Arbor-based company, The Apple Truck.