CHES Science

Zoey White in Stacy Brown’s kindergarten class at Chapel Hill Elementary demonstrated gravity.

Students at Chapel Hill Elementary recently participated in a 45 minute presentation from Science For Everyone.

Michael Green, also known as The Science Machine, was the presenter for the show and had many hands-on and exciting experiments to show the students.

Some experiments included showing how baby diapers absorb liquid and a glowing pickle.

Science For Everyone is a 20-year-old, Atlanta-based science and technology company committed to inspiring and educating the next generation of leaders, scientists, mathematicians, innovators and engineers.

This mission is accomplished by presenting the most educational, mind-boggling, jaw-dropping interactive science show on planet Earth.

Chapel Hill Principal K’Asha Davis knows the value of engaging science education.

“From start to finish, kinder to 5th grade, The Science Machine conducts a series of captivating science experiments showcasing that science is for everyone,” Davis said. “With each experiment, The Science Machine provides detailed explanations building students’ scientific literacy and instilling a love for science. Mr. Green proves the theory that no energy is ever lost, only transferred as evident in students’ increased enthusiasm for science as a result of attending his show.”

In addition to science presentations, Green is also an inventor. He was featured on a tv show Shark Tank where he presented his invention with his partner. Green has created his first picture book, The Science Machine Comes to My School. You can purchase this book on Amazon or his website: https://science

Green’s philosophy is “No learning begins until the attention of a child is held.”

If you are interested in having The Science Machine attend your event you can contact him on his website.