Widow’s Son Masonic Lodge No. 4 was chartered Oct. 3, 1895, and is the oldest continually operating Lodge in its jurisdiction.

Widow’s Son Lodge has, since its inception, worked to benefit the community.

To quote Merrick Robinson, The Master of Widow’s Son Lodge, “Our focus has always been to improve the lives of the men that come to us. By doing the work we do, it produces stronger families, good citizens, and better communities. The work of our Lodge is to, as we say, make good men better.”

Widow’s Son is holding a 126th anniversary celebration Oct. 15-16 at the Airport Hilton Hotel.

The program starts Friday, Oct. 15 with a meet and greet at 4:30 p.m. The festivities continue with a jazz concert at 8 p.m., then a DJ and dancing.

The highlight of the event will be on Saturday, Oct. 16 when a banquet, followed by several notable speakers and community awards will be presented. A second night of live jazz will be held, and again a DJ will provide tunes for dancing.

The Lodge invites all to come celebrate this festive and important commemoration.