Always check with the funeral home first. Many funeral homes provide basic information and will write the full obituary for you as part of the services they provide. Obits must be e-mailed to All photos must include only the deceased. Be a jpeg format with a 300 DPI resolution.

The deadline to submit an obituary is 3 pm for the following day's edition. Deadlines may differ on holidays. We encourage you to submit as early as possible to allow time for verification of the death. Verification of death is required (death certificate) OR name and phone number of the funeral home or crematory. Without verification, we cannot publish.

You are urged to ensure the information is accurate and spelled correctly as the Douglas County Sentinel assumes no responsibility for inaccurate information provided to us.

Cost is based on the length and option you choose from our options below. Once received via email, we will provide the prepaid cost.

Death notices are published free of charge. Death notices include name, age, date of death, town and funeral date, time and location.

Standard obituaries are available to allow the family to convey additional information beyond a death notice. In addition to information on death and services, standard obituaries may include a brief objective biography of the deceased and a list of survivors that may include by name parents, spouse, children and their spouses, siblings and their spouses, and grandparents. The number of surviving grandchildren, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, cousins and other in-laws may be included, but not listed by name. Fee is $40 for obituaries 200 words or less and $75 for 200-400 words. Photo can be added for $35.

Enhanced obituaries include subjective biographical information along with any information the family may choose, provided that information does not violate libel laws or standard newspaper policies. Additionally, enhanced obituaries will appear with a border surrounding text. Fee will be $60 for 200 words or less; and $100 for 200-400 words. An additional charge of .25 cents per word over 400 will be assessed. Photo can be added for $35.Once received via email, we will provide the prepaid cost. Prepayment is required and we accept all major credit cards. For more information, call 470-336-5224 or e-mail:

We reserve the right to edit content to conform with style, policy and accuracy. All obituaries are prepaid unless credit has been extended.