Sharon Stone 'threatened' with no work after vaccine pledge Content Exchange

Sharon Stone claims she is being "threatened" with no work after requesting everyone who works on a set with her is vaccinated against COVID-19.

The 'Basic Instinct' star would like to see everyone who works with her vaccinated against the virus, as she prepares to head to Atlanta to film a new television series soon.

She said in a video for Deadline: "I’ve been offered a job - a good job, a job I really want to do in Atlanta. That’s why my hair is standing on end … because the Producers Guild of America will not guarantee that everyone on our show is vaccinated before I go to work. Will I go to work before everyone on my show is vaccinated? No. No, I won’t,” she continued. “Am I being threatened that I will lose my job? Yes. Yes I am. Will I lose my job if everyone is not vaccinated on my show? Yes. Yes I could. Will I stand up for all of us so that every set that we go on is vaccinated? Yes. Yes, I will. Why? Because that’s ridiculous … that we should have to go to work where we are not safe to work."

It comes after Sharon admitted she lost her health insurance "after 43 years" because she was short.

Explaining what happened, she added: "'I mean, I lost my vested insurance after 43 years in the business because of Covid. I was $13 short and I don't really think that that is reasonable for any of us when we go through a global pandemic, to lose decades worth of our insurance or to lose all of the things that we need when we're trying to put food on the table.

"We're trying to keep our homes, and we're trying to feed our kids, families."

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