Dumas achieves rank of Eagle Scout

Matthew Dumas achieved the rank of Eagle Scout on Sept. 3, 2020. Dumas, a senior at Chapel Hill High School, is a member of Boy Scout Troop 228.


Matthew Dumas achieved the rank of Eagle Scout on Sept. 3, 2020.

Dumas is a member of Boy Scout Troop 228, chartered to the First United Methodist Church in Douglasville.

Dumas completed the journey to become an Eagle Scout by earning 37 merit badges. He was also awarded the National Outdoor Award for Adventure, Camping and Riding and was named 2018 Boy Scout of the Year.

The final step in the process was his Eagle project. Matthew’s Eagle Scout project was completed at Fairfield AME church in Douglasville which is one of the oldest African-American churches in Douglas County and is listed as a historical landmark by the Douglas County Historical Society.

The church was home to Douglas County’s first colored school and has graves that go back to the 1800s where the descendants of former slaves and freedman are buried. The church has been subject to vandalism and dumping and there was a concern about the upkeep of the graveyard and grounds. Dumas put a sign at the entrance to prevent access to the property, filled the potholes in the parking lot, painted the church sign and put gravel filling the potholes in the walkways.

On becoming an Eagle Scout, Dumas joins his brother, Avery Dumas, who earned the rank of Eagle in 2014, into the brotherhood of Eagle Scouts.

Dumas is a senior at Chapel Hill High School where he is a member of the marching band. He is also an active member of the Cobb County Fire Department’s Explorer Program Post 33 and after completing college plans to pursue a career as a fire fighter.