Neal McCoy brings country back to Mill Town

Country artist Neal McCoy, who is known for taking the American flag with his band across the country when he is performing, will be at Mill Town in Bremen on Saturday.

Country music comes back to Mill Town with Neal McCoy on Saturday.

McCoy has been an artist for approximately 40 years. He has very high energetic shows that include patriotism and comedy when he is on stage.

“It’s difficult to stand in one place on the stage. I love to keep the audience happy by going back and forth while I’m singing. It gets fans more involved in the concert,” said McCoy. “No two shows are the same.”

McCoy is well known for taking the American Flag with his band across the country when he is performing. Every morning, McCoy says the Pledge of Allegiance on his Facebook page. So far, he has done this for 1,654 days in a row.

Because of his dedication to patriotism, he has been around the world on 15 USO Tours and has been awarded many Humanitarian honors from the The Academy of Country Music, The Country Radio Broadcasters and The Masonic Grand Lodge.

It’s also led him into some controversy In 2016, his tune “Take a Knee,” had people talking. McCoy is usually is a mild person, but when Colin Kaepernick began kneeling during the National Anthem, he became angry because of his love for the flag and devotion to his homeland.

“It’s been eating at me, because my patriotism runs through my blood and always has,” McCoy said. “The thing I wanted to talk about in the song that I think is getting lost in at least what some people are saying (headlines like ‘Neal McCoy mocks the NFL’) is that I’m certainly not mocking the NFL. I think you should put your hand over your heart and pay respects.”

For the record, McCoy is an avid Dallas Cowboys fan.

McCoy got his big break in Country music 40 years ago.

“I won a concert in Dallas, Texas in early 1980, and I met Charley Pride who took me under his side and had me opening shows all over the country. That really got my career going like a flash,” McCoy said.

He signed a record deal in 1990. McCoy has since released 15 studio albums on various labels, and has delivered 34 singles to country radio. Number one singles, “Wink,” and “No Doubt About It,” came from his Platinum-certified album, “No Doubt About it.” He has two other Platinum LPs and a Gold album with six more Top Ten hits.

The tune “Billy’s Got His Beer Googles On,” is one of his fan’s favorite song. “The Shake,” is also a fan favorite.

In 2000, McCoy released a mixture of Christmas tunes which reached number 74 on seasonal airplay.

In the summer of 2007, McCoy became a hero in the Waco, Texas area providing his comedic TV commercials for a local car franchise.

He never forgot his roots or the help he got from his mentor. In 2013, McCoy released Pride: A Tribute to Charley Pride.

He also supports his own charity institution, the East Texas Angel Network, an organization dedicated to the lives of children of East Texas who are living with terminal or life-threatening diseases.

Neal McCoy and opening act, the Danny Dawson Band, will be at Mill Town Music Hall on Saturday at 7:30 pm. For more information or to purchase tickets, contact the box office at (770)-537-6455 or purchase online at www.milltown