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Shenandoah and opening act Kirk Jay are scheduled to perform at 7:30 p.m. Saturday at Mill Town Music Hall.

Shenandoah and opening act Kirk Jay will perform at 7:30 p.m. Saturday at Mill Town Music Hall.

Shenandoah front man singer Marty Raybon, and the group, decided shortly after the onset of COVID-19 in March to “Keep the Music Playing” with a special Facebook Live concert.

“The mission here was to hopefully, with music as only music can, bring some sunshine to the gloom,” said Raybon. “We took all of the recommended precautions to ensure everyone’s safety.”

On March 18, amid concert postponements around the country, Shenandoah provided a special opportunity for fans to enjoy live performances in the comfort of their living rooms.

“We were in Milwaukee on March 13th and the bus driver said that we were going home. We all said “What is going on?” We had no idea that there was a virus going on around the country,” added Raybon. “I called our management and said that we have to do something to keep the monies flowing.”

During the March concert, Aaron Tippin, Michael Ray, T. Graham Brown and Katie Austin were part of the show with the assistance of Nashville’s SIR Rehearsal Studios and Foundry Records.

In May, Shenandoah went into the studio.

“Our new album, ‘Every Road,’ is one of the best albums that we have ever done,” Raybon said. “We even did some duets with the help of Blake Shelton, Luke Bryan, Dierks Bentley, members of Lady A, and Brad Paisley.”

During the pandemic, the group had to determine many people could use the studio at one time while using safe recording methods.

The state had set forth guidelines for disinfecting and social distancing.

In 1984, Mike McGuire and Mary Raybon organized Shenandoah in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. A demo made it to Columbia Records who signed the group right away. The second album, “The Road Not Taken, launched songs like “She Doesn’t Cry Anymore,” and “Mama Knows,” followed by three Number One Hits, “Church on Cumberland Road,” “Sunday in the South,” and “Two Dozen Roses.” Their first Gold album came shortly thereafter.

When the group went to the current studio in May, there were rules and regulations.

“Anyone not in the band had to leave the building and everyone had to wear a mask and have their temperature checked,” Raybon said. “We did all we could because the studio was probably going to have to close for a while.

“Super songs have established a national fan base around the country which has accounted for our illustrious career. We knew when we heard a hit song. We are songwriters also that have been able to come through the tunes that our audiences love.”

Shenandoah has recorded nine studio LPs and 26 singles have been on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart. Raybon and Mike McGuire wrote some of their hit songs including “If Bubba Can Dance (I Can Do).”

Raybon left the group for a period of time, but everyone was happy when he came back in 2014.

They are still bringing back full houses.

The group received a Grammy Award in 1995 for “Somewhere in the Vicinity of the Heart” with Alison Krauss. The Country Music Association and the Academy of Country Music has also awarded Shenandoah with many awards.

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