During last week’s Board of Commissioners virtual meeting to discuss its CARES Act funding, Cobb & Douglas Public Health asked for $903,000 to continue its efforts to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

CDPH Assistant Director Lisa Crossman made the presentation to the BOC for the funding request.

The county is eligible to receive up to about $5.5 million in reimbursements spent on COVID-19 related expenses throughout the CARES Act, which was passed by Congress in March.

The governor’s office released 30%, or $1.6 million, last month. Local governments have to provide receipts to claim the reimbursement.

Crossman said the amount requested would continue to support the CDPH efforts in helping county residents.

The BOC didn’t take a vote on the funding request. Crossman said CDPH requested and has received $1.2 million of Cobb County’s CARES Act funding.

“They have also allocated a significant amount of in-kind support for mass testing facilities,” Crossman said in a follow-up email.

During the meeting, Crossman told the BOC that the requested funding will go towards supplies and equipment, staffing and other miscellaneous needs to continue helping the county combat the global pandemic.

“Douglas Public Health needs this funding to continue to respond on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic,” she said. “We are fully utilizing our support from the CDC and state public health. We need this additional Douglas County CARES funding to fill other components so that we may continue to serve Douglas residents with COVID-19 testing, case investigation, outbreak investigations, contact tracing and support to area businesses as they navigate reopening issues.”

Commissioners were concerned that the money they allocated would be primary used for Douglas County.

“We need your assurance that the money we give will be used for Douglas County residents,” Commissioner Henry Mitchell said.

Crossman said they have received a majority of testing supplies, PPE and lab processing through GEMA/FEMA and state funding. She said there are some PPE supplies, a portable hand washing station and mass testing supplies that are not covered.

She said the funding will help them avoid issues that occurred in the beginning of the pandemic.

Some of the funding will go toward having supplies ready when a vaccination is ready to cover the county’s population.

“When a vaccine is available, we can immediately begin offering this service to residents,” Crossman said.