The Liberty Road bridge over Interstate 20 is set to reopen Wednesday after being closed 45 days for a rehabilitation project.

Villa Rica Mayor Gil McDougal said the city was informed about the reopening by the Georgia Department of Transportation last Friday.

Liberty Road is at Exit 26 on I-20. It is the most western exit from the interstate in Douglas County and is near the Mirror Lake subdivision and golf course.

McDougal said the closure forced more people to use the Post Road bridge at Exit 30 in Douglas County and the Highway 61 bridge at Exit 24 in Carroll County.

“We are grateful to GDOT for keeping to their timeline and welcome this reopening,” McDougal said. “The Exit 26 bridge closure caused considerable traffic increases at exits 24 and 30. With the reopening, traffic can return to normal and more convenient flow just in time for school bus routes.”

The bridge was closed June 1 to provide safety to workers and drivers in the area while the rehabilitation was taking place, according to GDOT.

The bridge rehabilitation included raising the vertical clearance, bridge deck preservation, painting of steel beams, joint replacement where necessary and stabilization.

Motorists on I-20 were still able to exit at Liberty Road during the closure, but could only go one direction during the work. Those traveling on Liberty Road toward the work were detoured around the bridge.

GDOT also plans to complete work on the Post Road bridge at I-20 this summer.

The date for the start of that work wasn’t available from GDOT. However, Tori Brown, spokesperson for GDOT, told the Sentinel previously the Post Road bridge work is expected to take a weekend and the work on that bridge would take place after the Liberty Road bridge work was completed.

The Post Road bridge rehabilitation project started last year and took longer than expected due to issues with the contractor not meeting agreed upon deadlines.

The remaining items on the Post Road bridge consist of joint sealant installation, deck overlay operation, and approach slab repair, Brown said previously.