James Newman had the launch for his new clothing line all planned out.

He was going to let it coincide with his birthday party that included renting out a downtown Atlanta spot equipped with food, a DJ and other vendors who were going to be in attendance.

Then the unthinkable happened as businesses were ordered to shutdown as America came to grips with a global pandemic.

Disappointed, but not undetermined, Newman came up with other marketing skills to launch a new clothing line.

“I was discouraged at first because I had done a lot of planning,” Newman said. “The uncertainty of everything was the most difficult to deal with. I was trying to be different but dope. I had this birthday and launch party all ready to go.”

Newman got his Cörner Kids Apparel launched and he says sales are doing well.

He received a big break when rap mogul/businessman Percy “Master P” Miller saw his products on social media.

With Miller’s endorsement and over six million social media followers, Newman got the break he needed to run his online business.

Miller had an online contest for up-and-coming entrepreneurs to help them jumpstart their business if he liked the product.

Newman said he has always been a big fan of Miller, and that is one reason he entered the contest.

“It is amazing that one of my business idols held my product,” Newman said. “It was something that I created and Master P held it in his hand and liked it. It just hits different when you have that type of admiration for a person.”

A Nebraska native, Newman juggles his full-time, bill-paying job in the logistics industry as he continues to grow his clothing line through online sales.

The basement of his Lithia Springs home serves as his man cave and home office.

“I’m three years into this, and I’m determined to make it work,” Newman said.

Because of the pandemic, he has scaled back his plans of traveling and pushing the product in person.

He uses social media with live chats and blogs to get the word out.

“This pandemic has forced you to be creative,” Newman said. “It takes a lot to do it. Everything that I’m doing, I self-taught myself. There have been some opportunities that have presented itself.”

Newman said that Corner Kids Apparel is a lifestyle clothing brand that represents the necessary change from your “Cörner.”

“Your “Cörner” is not necessarily where you grew up at but more so your comfort zone,” Newman said. “My brand directly represents my story of me moving from Lincoln, Nebraska, to Atlanta, Georgia, in search of my purpose.”

Visit https://www. facebook.com/Corner KidsApparel to learn more.