Local couple launches mobile food delivery service

Tanya and Ron Byrd recently launched Douglas Mobile Waiters, a mobile food delivery service.

Ron and Tanya Byrd had always envisioned owning a mobile food delivery service.

The Douglasville couple already had a transportation service in operation.

With the coronavirus pandemic bringing about shelter-in-place orders from the governor, it seemed like the perfect time.

However, the couple had to quarantine after contracting the virus.

Once recovered, the Byrd’s launched Douglas Mobile Waiters, an all-in-one food delivery service.

“It has been a blessing,” Ron said.

Unlike the larger mobile food services, the Douglas Mobile Waiters only charge 10% rather 30-35% that some of the other services charge.

“We want the local businesses to remain profitable,” Ron said. “We are family owned, and we want to provide personable customer service.”

The couple say they are a faith-based business that gives back to the community. The Byrds volunteer at The Pantry.

In January, the couple beginning test its service but had to put it on hold after getting sick. They were able to get it up-and-running in


“One of our biggest pet peeves is bad customer service,” Tanya said. “We are very hands-on. We try to do business the right way. We haven’t had any major issues. If any problem occurs, we want to be able to deal with it.”

Ron said their contactless delivery includes calling the client before they leave the premises to insure that they

have received their food.

They say they have received a lot of positive feedback from vendors and customers.

“We love to shop locally, and we want to support the community,” Ron said. “The restaurants that we deal with

love it. We have gotten a lot of positive feedback.”

Said Tanya: “We are

building those relationships

in the community. We look

within the community to give back.”

For more information on Douglas Mobile Waiters Inc., contact them at 678-756-9603 or visit www.douglasmobilewaiters.com. Follow them on Facebook at Douglas Mobile Waiters.