15,500 Douglas residents have gotten first dose of COVID vaccine

Douglas County Commission Chairman Romona Jackson Jones and Douglasville Mayor Rochelle Robinson get their COVID-19 vaccine shot Thursday at the Arbor Place Mall mass vaccination site.

Cobb & Douglas Public Health Deputy Director Lisa Crossman said that 15,500 Douglas County residents have received at least their first vaccine shot.

During a presentation at the Douglas County Board of Commissioners virtual meeting earlier this week, Crossman said that the county had provided 21,000 shots between all providers.

“We are capable and ready to do more,” Crossman said. “We are like kids at Christmas waiting on the side of the road for those deliveries every week.”

With funding from the BOC, Crossman said that CDPH purchased an ultra cold freezer, which is required for the Pfizer-BioNtech vaccine. She said the county is switching over to Pfizer.

“There was a lot of competition throughout the state for Moderna,” Crossman said.

Crossman said CDPH is looking to get more vaccines from the state in the coming weeks.

“We are ready,” Crossman said. “I say bring it on.”

Of the 21,000 shots, there has been 13,000 people that received their first shot and 9,000 have gotten their second shot, according to Crossman.

On Thursday, President Joe Biden announced that the country will reach his goal of 100 million shots in his first 100 days this weekend, 58 days into his administration.

“That’s weeks ahead of schedule,” Biden said in a brief address from the White House.

Since the vaccination process has started, CDPH has used all three vaccines, but are moving towards strictly giving the Pfizer shot.

Crossman said that they use the Johnson & Johnson vaccine when CDPH does outreach events in the community.

The biggest concern, according to Crossman, is the slow sign-up process from county residents.

Crossman said that it usually takes about 30 minutes for a vaccine site to fill its openings.

However, she said that the latest round of sign-ups took about a day and a half to reach capacity.

“We want the vaccines in the county to go to Douglas County residents,” Crossman said. “As with all the sites, others around the state are welcomed.”

On Thursday, Commission Chairman Romona Jackson Jones and Douglasville Mayor Rochelle Robinson received their vaccine shots at Arbor Place Mall.

“Mayor Robinson and I partnered to receive our COVID-19 vaccine shot to encourage members of the community who are eligible to get vaccinated and that the vaccine is safe,” Jones said in a news release. “Vaccinations are so important right now and we want to boost participation from city and county residents to register and get vaccinated.”

In June, Robinson confirmed in a social media post that she had contracted the virus.

She said she felt ill for a few days, but has fully recovered.

As of Friday, 165 county residents had died from the virus since the pandemic started last March.

“I was pleased to get the COVID-19 vaccine when my eligibility came up,” Robinson said in the news release. “I was nervous like many others, but being with Madame Chair, who I affectionately call my ‘Big Sister’ I knew everything would be well.”

To schedule a vaccine, residents can visit https://www.cobbanddouglaspublichealth.com/covid-vaccine/ or go directly to the state DPH site to make an appointment at Arbor Place Mall/Sears Parking lot: https://gta-vras. powerappsportals.us/