An Alabama woman was arrested for multiple crimes following a shoplifting incident at a Douglas County sporting goods store.

Christine English, 39, was arrested for allegedly stealing ammo from Academy Sports earlier this month, according to an arrest warrant.

English is accused of stealing a Hellcat 9mm magazine, valued at $39.99 from the Concourse Parkway store, an arrest warrant stated.

According to the warrant, English removed the magazine clip from its container and placed it in her jacket pocket.

English was also charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and possessing a firearm during a crime, according to two other arrest warrants.

At the time of her arrest, the warrant stated that she had a Springfield Hellcat 9mm handgun in her possession.

She is also accused of giving a false name to a police officer when she was questioned about the alleged shoplifting on the evening of Feb. 12, an arrest warrant states.

English told an officer that her name was Christine Miller, according to the warrant.

She also gave a false birthdate of March 24, 1981 to the officer, the warrant states.

According to a warrant, English was convicted of false statement or writings or fraudulent documents, which occurred in Coweta County in October of 2015.

Bond for English was set at $18,500. She remained in the Douglas County jail Friday, jail records show.