Alexander High School students in the Class of 2020 topped the national average on the ACT, according to data released last week by the Georgia Department of Education.

Alexander students averaged a composite score of 20.7 on the college admissions test, a tenth of a percentage point above the national average of 20.6.

At the district level, students from Douglas County’s high schools who graduated this year averaged a 19.4 on the test.

In addition to Alexander, composite scores for Douglas County’s other four high schools were: Chapel Hill with a composite average of 20.3; Douglas County High with an average of 19.7; New Manchester with an average of 17.6; and Lithia Springs with an average of 16.7.

All scores are based on 2020 high school graduates who took the ACT at some time from grades 10 to 12, according to the state DOE.

Georgia’s average composite score for the class of 2020 was 21.7 — out of a maximum of 36. That’s up from the state average 2019 score of 21.4 in 2019 and higher, for the fifth year in a row, than the national average.

“I am always glad to see Georgia students succeeding, but there’s something special about the class of 2020’s accomplishments,” State School Superintendent Richard Woods said. “These students, who saw their senior year come to an abrupt halt due to a global pandemic, have now outscored their peers across the nation on both the SAT and ACT. To say I’m proud of them would be an understatement. Georgia continues to exceed expectations on state and national metrics and show that you don’t have to be all about the test to provide a first-class education. That’s thanks to the teachers and students doing the work each day on the classroom level.”

The good news for Alexander comes a month after SAT scores for the Class of 2020 were released. Alexander and Chapel Hill both beat the national average on the SAT.