Districts were redrawn late last year by the General Assembly for Georgia’s 14 seats in congress as well as all 56 state Senate and 180 state House districts.

At the local level, the Douglas County Board of Commissioners, Douglasville City Council and Douglas County Board of Education must also redraw their districts to reflect the growth in population from the 2020 Census.

The BOC approved its proposed map last week by a 5-0 vote. The BOC’s map will be introduced in the General Assembly now and must be approved there to be finalized.

The county’s population grew 8.9% from 132,403 in the 2010 census to 144,237 in the 2020 census. The county sought to distribute the additional 11,834 people evenly over the four district commission seats.

Under the new map approved by the BOC, the four commission seats saw very little change. District 1 was not impacted at all and will stay the same. The Ashton Heights neighborhood off Berea Road in Winston moves from District 3 under the old map to District 4 under the new one. And the Carmel Chase neighborhood, Villa Lane and Lake Monroe Road south of Pope Road all move from District 2 to District 3 under the map.

The Douglasville City Council was set to vote on its new ward map for the first time Monday evening after Sentinel press time. The ward maps are considered changes to the city’s charter. Changes to the city charter can be approved with votes at consecutive meetings. The second vote to finalize the city ward maps would be Tuesday, Jan. 18. A vote by the General Assembly is not required.

The big changes in the city’s five wards include a portion of the Chapel Hills Golf Club neighborhood off Stewart Mill Road moving from Ward 4 to Ward 1; the area north of Interstate 20 and west of Highway 5 moving from Wards 1 and 3 into Ward 2; and a small area at Lee Road and I-20 moving from Ward 2 to Ward 5.

The Board of Education, meanwhile, expects to have its map ready later this week, according to Superintendent Trent North.

North said there were different ways each government body had that they could use to redraw their maps and that the BOE had decided to let the state reapportionment office draw the new maps with school board Chair Tracy Rookard acting as a liaison.

North said that the state reapportionment office redrew the lines for the five school board districts in a process that “took about 30 minutes.”

Once a new map was ready, North said the board agreed that each member would come to the central office, look at the map, and initial it to give their consent to move forward. He said all five board members signed off on the new map.

North said county Elections Director Milton Kidd on Monday added the polling precincts to the map. North said the school board will have the final map with all details on it by later this week and that the map will be presented to the General Assembly for final approval.

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