The Douglas County Board of Commissioners and the county’s development authority held a called meeting Friday morning to make sure they were on the same page as they fight off Foxhall’s attempt to annex into a city outside of the county.

Foxhall is trying to gain annexation into the city of Chattahoochee Hills, which is located in neighboring Fulton and Coweta counties.

The hour and 15 minute meeting gave BOC and development authority members to discus the proposed annexation and what the county is doing to combat the move.

“It was a very informative and important meeting,” said Commissioner Ann Jones Guider, whose district encompass the resort in the south end of the county.

“You answered a lot of questions,” Commission Chairman Romona Jackson Jones told the development authority. “Right now, the board is not ready to precede with anything.”

Chattahoochee Hills officials and the BOC are scheduled to meet this summer to discuss the annexation.

All the BOC members indicated they were not in favor of the annexation.

The development authority announced that Foxhall was interested in new financial packages for developing the resort, which BOC members questioned.

“It seems like it is an exit strategy,” Commissioner Kelly Robinson said. “I appreciate a deal. I think you guys are feeling us out.”

Commissioner Tarenia Carthan was more candid.

“To even entertain it doesn’t sit well with me,” she said.

Development Authority Board Chair Mike Stephens said they were just doing their “due diligence” in studying the finance package.

“We are looking at the deals on their merit,” Stephens said. “We had to understand what we had to do. We didn’t think it made sense to come to you before we asked all the questions. We were just doing our due diligence.”

County Attorney Ken Bernard told both boards that Chattahoochee Hills annexation proposal is not a “slam dunk” because it involves three counties.

“It is a lengthy process and they can’t assume it is a slam dunk,” Bernard said.

“This was just a fact-finding meeting,” Guider said. “We didn’t know what kind of interaction the development authority had with the developer. They want to annex the entire tract of land. We just wanted to understand what is happening. It was very informative.”

BOC members were concerned that if Foxhall is successful in its annexation, that it will open the door to other development in that area to do the same.

“This could be a domino effect,” Guider said. “This could keep going up. This could just open the door. We would have a lot to lose.”