The Douglas County Board of Commissioners unanimously approved a resolution to submit transportation projects to Congressman David Scott’s office for consideration for federal funding.

With a 4-0 vote during Monday’s 28-minute special called virtual meeting, the BOC will submit four county projects to Scott to forward to the U.S. House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure for consideration in the 2021 Surface Transportation Authorization Legislation.

Commissioner Ann Jones Guider was not present at the virtual meeting.

If approved for the federal funding for any or all of the projects selected, the county would have to provide matching funds.

BOC members at Monday’s meeting said they consider it a good investment on the county’s future infrastructure.

New County Administrator Sharon Subadan said the county has over $80 million worth of projects under consideration.

“They are long term projects,” Subadan said. “Should we get the funding, which we should, it will be great for the county.”

The infrastructure projects will run from 2023-2026.

The projects the county will submit for funding include:

• Lee Road/South Sweetwater Road widening

• CHC Regional Greenway Trail, which connects Boundary Waters Aquatics Center with Sweetwater Creek State Park.

• South Douglas Loop — Lee Road Extension, which is designed as a southern inner arc across the county connecting Lee Road with Fairburn Road, and ultimately utilizing Bomar Road to extend west to Chapel Hill Road

• Chapel Hill — I-20 Interchange Improvements including reconfiguring the interchange as a Diverging Diamond Interchange.

Scott solicited counties in his district for infrastructure projects under consideration. His office will rank the projects, and then submit them to the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure for consideration.

“This is about the future of the county,” Commissioner Kelly Robinson said. “For me, it is to be thoughtful and meaningful. We are committing the county to pursue this ideal. We have to put up in upwards to $31 million to get the $80 million funding.”

Commissioner Tarenia Carthan said she also considers it a good investment.

“We need to work on infrastructure in Douglas County,” she said.