The Douglasville City Council voted Monday to table zoning change requests for two proposed town-home neighborhoods in the Fairburn Road area near the Interstate 20 interchange.

The rezoning requests for proposed developments on Vansant Road south of I-20 and at South Burnt Hickory Road and Midway Road north of the interstate were both approved earlier this month by the city’s planning commission with conditions.

However, the city council and developer discussed those conditions Monday and agreed to some changes from the conditions originally set by the planning commission.

The votes to table both items were made after the council agreed to get all of the conditions finalized in writing. New public hearings are planned before the council at its Dec. 2 and Dec. 6 meetings, with a vote expected after the Dec. 6 hearing.

The Vansant Road property is currently in unincorporated Douglas County. In addition to the rezoning requests, SA Land Group, the developer of both properties, asked for the city to annex the Vansant property. The city council on Monday voted to approve the annexation.

The Vansant development is on 13.83 acres and would need to be rezoned from the county zoning of Residential Low Density (R-LD) to Planned Residential District (PRD) in the city.

A member of the family that owns the property across the street which had been a school voiced support for the project at Monday’s meeting.

The council and Adam Baker with SA Land Group agreed that the maximum number of town homes would be 124, down from 144 in the original proposal.

Other conditions set by the planning commission included a mandatory homeowners’ association, a minimum of 10% green space, a two-car garage not less than 400-square feet, a cap of 10% on rental units, a target price of $250,000 and up, trails or a dog park, and a pool.

Mayor Rochelle Robinson said the two-car garage condition was made because of concerns that town homes with one-car garages would lead to more people parking in the street.

Baker said that a square-footage maximum for the garages would have to come from the inside of the homes, which would be a minimum of 1,500 square feet. He asked if the council would consider making the two-car garage requirement applicable only to the end units.

On the maximum rentals allowed, Baker asked the council if they would consider increasing the cap from 10% to 20%.

The pool was the other big stipulation that Baker had concerns about. He said pools cost around $400,000 when bathrooms and other associated costs are included and that those costs would be passed on to the homebuyers. The council seemed to agree to remove the pool stipulation and include another amenity such as fire pit.

The second development proposed is on 18.5 acres at the intersection of South Burnt Hickory Road and Midway Road across from a mobile home park. SA Land Group is asking for a change in zoning from Planned Unit Development District (PUD) zoned property to amend the special stipulations of zoning.

The proposal includes 66 town homes and 26 single-family homes for a total of 92 total units.

The original conditions were similar to those for the Vansant proposal. Those conditions are expected to also be modified before the Dec. 2 hearing.