The Douglas County Travel and Tourism board of directors tabled the adoption of their 2021 budget during a meeting Wednesday morning.

DCTT President Dorsha Simmons suggested tabling the budget until some changes could be made. She said a special meeting will be called later to vote on the budget.

However, during the virtual meeting Wednesday, the board approved creating two contract positions.

A part-time administrative assistant position was approved with a $27,600 annual salary. The board also approved a three-month contractual social media position that will pay $12,000.

During the hour-and-half meeting, a budget was discussed that had money set aside to promote the county through radio and television advertising along with billboards near Columbus, Birmingham, Augusta, Brunswick, Rome and Macon.

The total cost of the signage is estimated at $52,859, which includes an one-time $950 installation fee.

There will be am advertisement at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport.

A new sign is budgeted for the old courthouse, which houses the county’s Museum of History and Art.

The board also approved the 2021 Exploration Challenge for Black History Month. It is a contest for visitors to explore the history and contributions that African-Americans have made to the county.

It will launch later this month in time for Black History Month, which is observed in February.

Last month when it passed its $98.7 million dollar budget, the county Board of Commissioners gave DCTT more control on how some of the county’s share of hotel/motel taxes are allocated.

The Douglas County Chamber of Commerce, Museum of History and Arts, and Cultural Arts Council Douglasville/Douglas County all have to apply to the DCTT board if they want to receive funds for the upcoming year that they previously received automatically from the county.

During the recent budget meetings, the BOC said it expects to take in about $840,000 in hotel and motel revenue. The county gets to keep $315,000 of that money and the rest will now go to DCTT.

The CAC, Chamber and museum can go before the DCTT to request some funding from the $525,000 it will receive from hotel/motel taxes.