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Jason Jones

A Lithia Springs pharmacy owner is running for the House District 66 seat, challenging state Rep. Kimberly Alexander because he said he wants business leaders to get involved in government.

Jason Jones, owner of Lithia Springs Pharmacy, is the Republican candidate in the race against Alexander and said he is running because he wants to see the district’s communities thrive and prosper.

This is the first time he has run for a public office, and he said he wanted to give voters a second option in the race alongside Alexander. District 66 includes nine precincts in Douglas County as well as three in south Paulding.

“We have about six or seven races in Douglas County where they are unopposed and there are no Republicans running,” he said. “In my position, I thought I could do better for pharmacy on the state level than running for the Board of Commissioners or the Board of Education.”

The District 66 House seat is one of three contested races among Douglas County’s eight-seat state delegation in the Nov. 3 election along with House District 67 and Senate District 30.

Jones said, as a pharmacist, he has had issues with the state level regarding the pharmacy benefit managers who are between the business owner, the patients and the insurance companies. He added because of certain fees on prescriptions, it is challenging for him to make any kind of profit on some of the medicines he sells.

“On some of the prescriptions, I get paid 64 cents total for a prescription, and that includes the medicine, my time, my expertise, my staff, the computer software, the vial, the label, the bag and everything,” he said.

He said he believes these pharmacy benefits managers are trying to “squeeze” him and other pharmacy owners out, with several pharmacies closing in the area in the last few years.

“That’s my main fight with healthcare, (and) I plan to go down there (to Atlanta) and keep the prices low,” he said. “These CEOs of these PBMs (pharmacy benefits managers) are making $34 million a year. That’s coming from my pocket as a business owner and out of my patients’ pockets. They are taking it out of both pockets and filling up their coffers with it.”

He said religious freedom as well as any freedoms allowed by the Constitution will be priorities if he is elected to the seat. This includes being pro-life and pro-Second Amendment, the right to bear arms.

And he said he wants to help adoption agencies and foster children to live better lives.

On racial injustice, he supports the police and sheriff’s departments after being raised to respect police officers and any kind of law enforcement officials. However, he does not support rioting and said business owners have lost a lot this year.

“I feel like I can sleep easier at night knowing I have the Douglasville Police Department and the Sheriff’s Department does a fantastic job monitoring this area,” he said. “The rioting, I’ve heard a lot of people say that ‘we can burn these buildings down and the insurance will pay for them.’ Most insurances, mine included, does not cover acts of terrorism. These business owners have lost a lot. I’m totally against that.”

He added that he thinks America is one of the least racial countries in the world and said people want to come to this country because of the capitalism and the things that can be accomplished here.

“I really think that things are being fed to people by the Democrats or by Antifa or whoever is trying to stir up stuff thinking we hate each other,” he said. “On a day to day basis, we don’t really hate each other.”