A Douglasville man has pleaded guilty to two murder charges in a gruesome assault on family members.

Derrick Hobbs, 38, entered his guilty plea on Nov. 8 in Chief Superior Court Judge David T. Emerson’s courtroom for murder charges stemming from a June 14, 2020, incident that left his mother and niece dead.

Hobbs was charged with killing his mother, 59-year-old Lawanda Barrows, and his 4-year-old niece, Layla Hobbs, in the driveway of his home.

Prosecutors said that Hobbs stabbed his mother to death with a pair of scissors as she was dropping him off at his residence on Colquitt Street.

Hobbs set fire to her car while 4-year-old Layla Hobbs was restrained in a car seat in the back seat causing her to die from smoke inhalation, according to prosecutors.

Emerson sentenced Hobbs to two life sentences.

“The facts of this case are horrific and the trauma the family had to endure is unimaginable,” Douglas County District Attorney Dalia Racine said. “We can only hope that this resolution can bring even the slightest sense of hope at the notion that justice has been served.”

Hobbs’ 6-year-old nephew, Darryl “DJ” Hobbs was also in the back seat of the car but survived the fire by escaping, prosecutors said.

The bodies of both victims were found when Douglas County firefighters and Douglasville police officers responded to a burning vehicle behind a residence at 8036 Colquitt St. in Douglasville, Maj. J.R. Davidson previously told the Sentinel.

Hobbs was indicted for nine offenses including three counts of felony murder, two counts of malice murder, three counts of aggravated assault and one county of first degree arson.