A Douglas County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) employee is under internal investigation after prescription opioids came up missing when a patient was transported from her home to the hospital.

An incident report from the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office shows that on Jan. 13, a patient was transported to Wellstar Douglas Hospital for a medical issue, and was released on the same day.

When the patient returned home, she told a sheriff’s deputy that she couldn’t find her bottle of prescribed oxycodone, which contained about 100 pills, according to the report from the sheriff’s office.

The victim alleged that the pills were the only item taken from her home, according to the report.

The sheriff’s deputy called the emergency room at the hospital to see if the medication was left there and was told by a nurse it was not at the hospital, according to the report. He also called the CVS pharmacy on Highway 5 to verify that the prescription was filled. The deputy wrote in the incident report that the prescription was filled at the pharmacy on Jan. 8.

The victim stated she had “searched all over the house and her car” and could not find the medication, which she takes four times a day, according to the report.

“Because this is a personnel matter and ongoing investigation, we can not comment on it,” Douglas County Fire Chief Roderick Jolivette said. “We are making sure a good complete investigation is done.”

Oxycodone is an opioid medication that is used for treatment of pain and is a commonly abused drug.

The alleged incident happened before Jolivette took over the department.

“These are issues that we take serious,” Jolivette said. “We have the public trust at stake.”

Douglas County Sheriff’s Capt. Elmer Horn said they have closed their case on the alleged incident. He said they turned “everything over to the Fire Department” following their investigation.