A 38-year-old Lithia Springs man has been charged with two counts of animal cruelty and three counts of cruelty to children.

Thomas Kelly III was arrested earlier this month on two animal cruelty charges after it was discovered that he had two pit bulls confined to a pin inside a home on Mount Vernon Road in Lithia Springs.

Both dogs were reportedly not given any food and water. The dogs were underweight and suffered from malnourishment, according to the arrest warrant.

The warrant stated that one of the dogs had “lost approximately 14 pounds” since being adopted from the animal shelter.

In separate warrants, Kelly is charged with three counts of secondary child cruelty.

The warrant alleges that Kelly caused four children ages three, five, seven and eight “cruel and excessive pain” by allowing them to leave home barefoot and in 30 degree weather.

According to the warrant, the children were walking down Mount Vernon Road.

It is not known if the children were related to Kelly, who had a North Sweetwater Road address listed on the warrant.

Kelly was released on $6,000 bond this week.