A Douglasville man was arrested on cruelty to animal charges stemming from keeping a dog outside for long periods of time.

Dankivion Chatman, 36, is accused of allegedly keeping a dog in a small wire kennel outside without shelter or water, according to an arrest warrant.

The warrant stated that the animal became “severally dehydrated” and possibly suffered a heat stroke.

The animal had an internal temperature of 105.6 degrees, according to the arrest warrant.

The alleged incident occurred between July 26 and Sept. 21, according to the arrest warrant.

The animal became distressed and attempted to break out of the wire kennel, causing its jaw to become caught in the wire kennel, according to the arrest warrant.

After being released, the dog was rushed for emergency medical treatment, the warrant stated.

Chatman was arrested on Oct. 7, and posted a $1,500 bond two days later, according to court records.