A Douglasville man faces several assault charges stemming from a hit and run accident.

Brandon Thomas, 27, was arrested on an aggravated assault charge, two counts of hit and run and four counts of simple assault, according to arrest warrants.

In addition, he is charged with two counts of aggressive driving and two counts of second degree criminal damage to property.

The arrest stems from a Sept. 20 incident when Thomas allegedly left the scene of an accident between Highway 5 and Concourse Parkway, according to a warrant.

The warrant stated that Thomas left the scene after colliding with another vehicle between 3:56 p.m. and 4:56 p.m.

He is charged with simple assault after getting out of his blue Chevy Silverado in traffic and attempting to open the victim’s driver side door while “yelling and cursing profanity” at her, according to the arrest warrant.

“The victim stated that he walked back to the rear of the truck and began kicking it along the left side of the truck bed,” the warrant said about Thomas.

According to the warrant, the actions left a large dent on the left corner of the truck bed.

In addition, Thomas kicked the wheel cover off the rear left wheel,” according to the warrant.

The aggressive driving warrant stems from when Thomas forced “his way through the same lane that her” truck occupied, according to the warrant.

He allegedly pulled up beside victim’s vehicle to yell “obscenities, pulled behind her vehicle to get out and harass her,” the warrant stated.

The warrant stated that he went around multiple vehicles at a high speed near a busy gas station and intersection.

Thomas is charged with aggravated assault after putting his SUV in reverse when the victim was behind him attempting to get his tag information after hitting and kicking her vehicle, the warrant states.

The second degree criminal damage to property was issued because the damage to the victim’s truck bed and wheel is not expected to exceed $500 for repairs.

Thomas is free on a $10,500 bond.