April Martin drained most of her savings to follow her dream.

In the midst of the pandemic, Martin opened a fitness center in Douglasville.

Divorced and raising three kids, Martin thought the risk would be worth the reward.

And she was right.

Three months since opening PeachPit Fitness on Highway 5, Martin has overseen a business that continues to grow.

When the doors first opened on Nov. 1 of last year, Martin counted 20 people among her clients.

Heading into the third month, she has 50 clients.

“I took a risk and nearly drained my savings to get this started,” Martin said. “It has paid off. I have some supportive people around me.”

Martin said she has put safety measures in place to ensure the wellbeing of her clients.

There are no more than 10 people per class, and they must clean and restore their equipment after the sessions have ended.

Martin has been divorced for five years, and she said it was time to “pull up my big girl pants” and do what she loves.

She started working out five years ago on a regular basis. She said she grew tired of sitting behind a desk all day and wanted to help others achieve their goals of a healthy lifestyle.

She got her personal training certification and went to work at a gym. After five years, she said she was ready to venture out on her own.

A Maryland native, Martin said the coronavirus pandemic has presented the biggest challenge to the business.

“COVID for sure has been a challenge,” she said. “The fitness world is flicked any way. You have to try and survive.”

She trains both men and women. Also, Martin said she instructs all of the classes at PeachPit, giving clients a personal touch.

In addition to helping clients with fitness goals, Martin also helps them find their inner-strength to achieve their goals.

“We are one great big family,” Martin said. “I encourage them and they encourage me. I stay in contact with my customers. They know I’m here for them. I’m not here to just take money, I have a deep interest for all of them.”

PeachPit Fitness is located at 8849 Highway 5, Suite G, north of Interstate 20 near the intersection with Veterans Memorial Highway. For more information, visit facebook.com/PeachPitFitness or call 678-982-8774.