Microsoft coming to Douglas County; tech giant plans to make Atlanta its East Coast hub

Douglas County has landed one of the biggest names in the tech world.

Microsoft said Thursday it plans to open a new data center in Douglas County as part of a larger effort to make Atlanta its East Coast hub.

The Redmond, Washington, based company said it will open data centers in Douglasville and in the south Fulton County city of Palmetto.

Several other major companies have built data centers in Douglas on the east side of the county in an area that has become known as “Data Hill,” including Google, Switch, PWC, Stack, T5 and Digital Realty.

“We’re honored to have Microsoft in Douglasville,” Douglasville Mayor Rochelle Robinson said in a statement. “Today marks another major milestone in both the city and Douglas County’s economic growth, building on years of strategic planning and infrastructure investment.”

The new data center will bring several jobs to the area including IT operations, electrical and mechanical engineering, as well as facility security and maintenance, according to a press release announcing the move.

“It is important to us that Microsoft is also in the region as a community partner,” Robinson said. “Microsoft’s presence helps cement our position as a center for information technology in the U.S., which has been an ongoing strategy goal.”

Microsoft will also build a new campus on 90 acres of land at Quarry Yards and Quarry Hills on the Atlanta’s Westside.

Microsoft will dedicate 25% of the 90-acre development on the Westside to “uses by the community,” Microsoft President Brad Smith told WABE.

In addition to the Quarry Yards development, Microsoft plans to complete construction on new offices in Atlantic Yards by 2021.

“These are all significant investments and put Atlanta on the path toward becoming one of Microsoft’s largest hubs in the United States in the coming decade, after Puget Sound and Silicon Valley,” Smith said in a statement.

According to a news release announcing the move to Douglas County, the new data center will provide power for online transactions, conference calls, virtual classrooms, supply chain and internet searches.

“We are continuing to build our cloud infrastructure to support the growing demand for cloud services for business continuity, innovation, and collaboration,” Noelle Walsh, corporate vice president of Cloud Operations+Innovation for Microsoft, said in a statement. “To date, Microsoft has announced more than 60 datacenter regions around the globe, each comprising multiple data centers.”

  • In addition to Douglas County, the Atlanta area is home to more than 50 data centers including, ETrade Financial Corp., Hewlett-Packard Co., Twitter and United Parcel Service.

“Their long-term investment is evidence of our skilled workforce and attractive existing infrastructure,” Michel Turpeau, Chairman of the Development Authority of Fulton County, said in a statement. “Both of which will continue to prove critical in the coming months and years.”