Preston Parra

Preston Parra

A 20-year-old from Villa Rica has thrown his hat in the ring for the newly redrawn state House District 64 seat that covers the western third of Douglas County and a portion of southeastern Paulding.

Preston Parra filed his Declaration of Intent with the state to collect campaign contributions on Dec. 28. Parra will compete in the Republican primary for the seat, which was redrawn during last year’s redistricting and now includes most of the old House District 67.

House District 67 incumbent Rep. Micah Gravley, R-Douglasville, told the Sentinel last week he will not seek a sixth term in the General Assembly, meaning the 2022 session that started Monday will be his last.

Parra said he just turned 20 last month. State law requires Georgia House members to be 21 before being sworn in. Parra said he would turn 21 in time to meet requirements set by law, and if elected, he said he would be the “youngest legislator to hold office in Georgia history.”

“After a lot of thought, prayer, and encouragement from a number of local residents and conservative leaders, I feel called to enter this House race. I would offer hard work, dedication, and my time to the great people of the 64th district,” Parra said in a press release. “The communities of this district have accomplished great things, but I believe it is time for me to step up to ensure this can continue. I hope to assure voters they have someone whom they can trust as the General Assembly of Georgia tackles issues that are so detrimental if not acted upon.”

Parra said in the release he spoke with Gravley “about my passions to really fight against the rapidly increasing deterioration of our constitutional principles in our state and our country. …” Gravley told Parra he didn’t plan to run again, and Parra said, “From that moment on I felt like God was truly lining me up to run for this seat.”

When asked by the Sentinel if he is endorsing Parra, Gravley said he doesn’t plan to endorse anyone for the House District 64 seat this early in the election cycle.

The general election primary election is May 24 and includes Georgia’s governor’s race and other statewide seats, one U.S. Senate seat, all state legislators and several local offices including county commission and school board seats. The general election will take place Nov. 8.

Parra said in the release he is “outspoken concerning his faith and believes Christ to be the center of his life.” He said he will “hold Christian values above all else.”

Issues Parra said he believes are “most pressing” include: election integrity, education, economic development, outlawing abortion, Second Amendment rights and effective local government.

“I think our state’s most significant problem is division,” Parra said. “We have career politicians from both sides, standing on the national stage, who want nothing more than to see the breakdown of America First values and fundamentals. The point is, if we don’t elect safeguards to protect American values and derail the liberal agenda, you won’t only be hurting your fellow Georgian, but your fellow American as well.”

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